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So what do I think about Edward Snowden? After seeing this movie I dislike him even more. If I could get him alone in a bar I’d buy him some drinks and then beat the ever living shit out of him. He’s nothing but a coward and a traitor. The only people he helped are the stupid and ignorant people of this world? The US government has been tracking and recording people since the days of Abraham Lincoln. Maybe even before that. Anyone surprised by Snowden’s “whistle blowing” is just plan stupid. He’s not a hero. His journalist buddy is from Nicaragua or Peru or one of them Latin American countries. If his Country called on our military for support he wouldn’t mind the US recording some personal data, would he? Oh yea. He’s a coward and a bitch also. Frankly I’m getting a little tired of all the Un-American and non-patriotic people living the US. I wish they’d all return to were ever the hell they came from. The US is the greatest Fucking Country in the World! My Government has my consent to track, record, listen or do whatever they’d like with my personal shit anytime they want! That’s my two cents on the topic.

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