My Daughter turns 18 today!

So she’s all grown up now. I can remember her birth as if it were yesterday. Her mother gave birth to our son very quickly so we didn’t fool around waiting to go to the hospital. When the contractions came every 5 minuets we were out the door and on our way to Stony Brook Hospital. Before we knew it the Doctor was asking asking us to push. They gave my wife some Demerol for the pain which made me very jealous. I wanted some Demerol too! When the shot kicked in she said to me: “so this is why you like this stuff”. It was her first experience with opiates.

When my wife pushed, my daughters head would pop out and then go back in. I thought the Demerol was making my wife weak and unable push. When our son was born she pushed so hard I needed a catchers glove “to make the play”. Something was terribly wrong… but what?

The Doctor examined my wife and told us the umbilical cord was wrapped around our daughters throat and was in distress. We both went in to a state of panic! My wife cried out “what’s wrong with her!”

The Doctor grabbed the salad spoons and pulled the baby out by her head. They rushed  her to a table and began working on her. She was grey and not breathing. People came running into the room to help out. I was convinced our child was not going to make it.

After what seemed to be hours we heard our baby cry! She was kicking and screaming. Her color came back and we were told our baby was just fine. It was the greatest moment of my life. Happy Birthday Deana!

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