Things to do

Today I need to call  about my insurance premiums. I’m paying too much and if I can’t get the payments lowered I will just have to drop the coverage. I have no clue what the policies are with this Obama care act. I will just have to call and found out.

Today is Monday so it’s business as usual. I’m still unable to find work in the tech industry. Everything is in the cloud and I’m terrible at selling so unless I can hook up with a support center I’m basically screwed.

Meanwhile I’m trying to get every form possible to make a stand in court. It’s a bitch being your own lawyer but I have no choice in the  matter. There’s no guaranteed money in my cases so I’m on my own. I’m very fortunate to have Dr. Judy on my side.

I’m posting a pic of my favorite bird of prey. The Peregrine Falcon.

Peregrine Falcon

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