What does depression feel like?

Depression makes the  person only see the world either as black or white. There are no colors available for him. Everybody is an enemy and nobody is a friend. You think that nobody can understand the pain you are going through but you hope that maybe, just maybe someone bothers to understand,  someone bothers to care for at least a micro second so that you can feel that tiny hope sunshine that yes, at least someone cares.

You suffer “phases”. Going through some of them, you will shut everyone out and not talk to anyone else because you want to take revenge on the world for leaving you so alone and hopeless, while some “phases” will make you want to talk to someone like your life depends upon it.

You become an underachiever. You start to suck at everything, from A-Z and the most shitty part of all this that you can’t make it go away.

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