Mechanical Turk

I’m a MTurker now. It’s great to be able to make some extra cash online. I wish I could do more online stuff to earn money. I bought a bunch of clothes with the cash I made. I mostly do surveys but there is all sorts of jobs available. Isn’t it great to live in America ?!!

Yesterday was a sad day in America. There was a massive shooting in California where 14 were killed and 17 wounded. This happened because it’s so easy to get a gun in the US says Obama. There are so many guns available on the streets I don’t see how tougher gun laws are going to prevent things like this. Gun Laws seems to be the focus  every time something like this happens. People think if they have more control it will make them safer. Well wake up people. Control is an illusion. Nobody has control over mother nature or what goes on in their bodies and certainly no control over a person that got it in their head they are going to shoot somebody. That’s my 2 cents anyway.

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