Updated this blog site. The site is hosted on a really slow server so it’s painful to do any adminstrative tasks. I’m finding out a lot of WordPress is a hook and bait scheme. Most of the themes and plugins cost money. One needs to be careful not to get hooked and reeled. They give you a limited page for free but when you start to add the “cool” stuff you will need to use your credit card.

    I started another WordPress page Click here. It’s more secure then the older pages I have. Security has become a big deal so I don’t know if users even visit http sites. The new page is a https site hosted on WordPress and has the latest version of WordPress.

No internet access on Haven Manor. That didn’t last long. There was a major outage in the area but that was 2 days ago. I’ll hope for the best but I don’t think I’ll have it back anytime soon. I’m using the Hotspot connection from my phone. I won’t be working on the web stuff too much. I need to keep my data usage down.

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