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Trump in Patchogue today


Donald Trump is holding a rally in Patchogue. I’m not sure that’s a good idea. There are a lot of Latino’s out in Patchogue and they may make trouble for him. Suffolk county cops say they’ve beefed up security and are ready for anything. This will be a good test for Suffolk’s finest. Hillary and Bernie are in NYC spewing their BS on a few Unions that support them. Things are getting interesting as we approach the final leg of the election process. For what I can see most people are supporting personalities and not the policies their candidate stands for. If they are, then some of those policies are messed up and would never get past congress. I don’t see the point in having a president if he/she can’t get anything done. Do people really believe presidents can build walls? I agree some some changes need to be made regarding US citizenship but building walls won’t change anything. The illegals will just dig under the walls that’s all. To be continued …….

Election 2016


Chris Christie has endorsed Donald Trump stating “He’s the only one that can beat Hillary Clinton”. I guess the NJ Governor is a Hillary Hater and would rather see Trump as President before giving his vote to the Democrats. The 2016 presidential campaign has been entertaining but I think it’s time America took things a bit more seriously. I don’t think I could handle Hillary as President and I’m not very comfortable putting Trump in the White House. So who do I vote for? At this stage of the game ….NOBODY!

The reason the Republicans can’t get into the White House is because they keep sending clowns like Donald Trump to the elections. Remember Romney? Like he would have made a good president. I don’t think so. For 2 months I had Trump posters hanging on my walls. It was a joke people! I wasn’t serious about voting for him. I was and still am pissed off with the way our government is running things and Trump said things nobody else had the “balls” to say. He could say whatever he wanted without worrying about losing lobbyist money or sucking up to anyone else. That did impress me but that doesn’t mean he would be a good President. I mean come on. Do Americans really want to build a wall on the Mexican border? That idea sounds goofier than electing Donald Trump for President. Yes, something needs to be done about all the undocumented immigrants in our country, but building a wall is not the answer. Instead of spending all their energy bashing Trump, why don’t the Republican hopeful’s come up with a better plan than building a wall?  Doing that would give me someone to vote for. That’s just me opinion… I could be wrong.

What’s New

WolfSo… It’s crappy day today weather wise. It’s cold and rainy with a lot of wind. This morning the troops came in telling me I had an appointment but nobody could tell me where and what for. Sometimes I wonder if they can think at all.

Donald Trump is still going strong. I watched his rally in Nevada rally this morning. His supporters where shouting “Build that Wall”, referring to his plan to build a wall on the Mexican border and have them pay for it. He also said when companies move from the US to Mexico they would be required to pay a 35% tax to bring there products to the US. He has the “pulse” of America and knows how to tap into it.

Finally Gone

Simone is finally leaving. It’s a great day for the floor. She is an incompetent Supervisor and we deserve better. She has completely screwed up my medical and I’m sure she done the same to others. Leon had to come in today because Morris didn’t come in. I didn’t speak to him much because I don’t like to see the day crowd. Donald is yelling his head off as I write this. I don’t know what they are going to do with him but they have to do something. I don’t think it’s fair we have to listen to him every day. Let another floor listen to his crap all day. Hey…what do you think about this gal?


The Queen Bee

The Queen Bee Big Mama was in my room today. She brought the Nurse Supervisor and some other women. They told me my brother called. I was pissed because they are not supposed to give out information about me. They had to acknowledge that I was here to pass a message a long. I’m hoping they didn’t but I’m still pissed that women was up here. She is the Mother Fucking Anti-Christ!

Precise Welding


I ran into Tony on LinkedIn. It’s been some time since I’ve talked to him. He told me he’s retired but would not say what happened to the business. He also said John was retired along with Billy. I guess they all cashed in on their 401ks or whatever they had. I considering going back to work part time. I’m getting lazy and need to get more active with something. I don’t think it would to hard to get me hand back but I’m not sure if my eyes are up to the task. Well it’s food for thought anyway. Meanwhile I’ll keep blogging in hopes that someone will actually read this stuff.

Mechanical Turk

I’m a MTurker now. It’s great to be able to make some extra cash online. I wish I could do more online stuff to earn money. I bought a bunch of clothes with the cash I made. I mostly do surveys but there is all sorts of jobs available. Isn’t it great to live in America ?!!

Yesterday was a sad day in America. There was a massive shooting in California where 14 were killed and 17 wounded. This happened because it’s so easy to get a gun in the US says Obama. There are so many guns available on the streets I don’t see how tougher gun laws are going to prevent things like this. Gun Laws seems to be the focus  every time something like this happens. People think if they have more control it will make them safer. Well wake up people. Control is an illusion. Nobody has control over mother nature or what goes on in their bodies and certainly no control over a person that got it in their head they are going to shoot somebody. That’s my 2 cents anyway.

More Crap!

How much more crap are we going to take from ISIS? Maybe when the come to your neighborhood? It’s so sad we live in a world with so much violence. I grew up during the Vietnam War and thought it was the last time I’d see such violence against humanity. When will it end? How many innocent people must die? I think it’s time we all got mad and protect our freedoms. Stop supporting strangers coming to our country. Do you know who they really are? Wolf


I’m a Turker now. It’s nice being able to buy a shirt or anything else I may need. The weather is getting cooler now so I’m not in distress from the heat everyday. The Mets lost the Series opener last night in KC. This morning I was told no towels were available. I’m convinced I am under the control of Murphy’s Law. Nothing more to report. I am not a very good blogger Winking smile

Linux Box

Just logged in with my Xubuntu box. It’s Saturday Oct 3. I’m playing Grand Funk on my headset. “I’m your Captain” is on right now. Me and the boys played this a lot back in the day. Now all I need is a “bone” and a black light and I’ll be all set.

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